We are a very small team with big ambitions! Creating videogames is the job of our dreams!
We started this adventure on March 2011 with a very little budget and lots of hopes. Our goal was to create an awesome “little” game with a funny non-sense story.

We’re just two people, an Italian and an Australian guy. The Balbarian is our first videogame,


ROLE: Coding, Story, Design
BORN IN: Torino, Italy
FAVORITE GAMES: Monkey Island (PC), Legacy of Kain : Soul Reaver (PS1), Hearth of Darkness(PC), Dark Earth(PC)

Federico grew up in a small town in the north of Italy, he has been playing videogames since he was 6 . When he was 15 he discovered Dungeons & Dragons and since then  he created amazing stories that he played with a group of friends.
He has been dreaming for ages to develop a videogame , he studied IT for 5 years and when he finally got his degree he moved to Australia in January 2011.
There he got a job in a pizzeria in order to pay the rent and after few weeks he met James who share with him the same dream.
The Balbarian is his first game and he hope to be able to keep working on other awesome projects.


ROLE: All round Artist and Game Designer
BORN IN : Brisbane, Australia
FAVOURITE GAMES: Halflife, Halflife 2, Dishonored, StarCraft, COD Zombies (PC), Halo (XBox), Streets of rage 2 (Sega Mega Drive), Metal Slug (Arcade), Asterix and the Power of the Gods (Sega Mega Drive), R-Type, Boulder Dash, (Commodore 64), Super Mario Bros 2 (GameBoy)

James grew up in Brisbane, Australia. Ever since getting their first family computer in the early nineties, he has been hooked on computer games. As a youngster the seed for games was planted while spending many an afternoon mastering classic Commodore 64 games like Boulder Dash and R-Type. Since then things have only spiralled out of control with his love for games to the point where not content with just playing computer games he wanted to learn how to make them!

James Studied at Qantm College and graduated with a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment majoring in animation. Upon graduating he began work at Krome Studios and then later The Creative Assembly. Inspired by the success story of Halfbrick and the rise of mobile gaming, James decided to start a company and begin making mobile games with fellow indie developer Federico. Creating and releasing The Balbarian has been a major milestone for James.


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